Our offer comprises the supervision and support of our clients in all phases of a public procurement process in the sector of infrastructure projects for road, rail and aviation.

Depending on our client’s preference we offer our services for the whole process or solely for selected tasks.

Our offer for instance comprises the following services:

·      Analysis of tasks in infrastructure projects

·      Analysis of political, legal, administrative – organizational & technical frame


·      Development of turn key concepts and solutions

·      Feasibility of turn key concepts

·      Development of communication content and rationale

·      Development of and participation with media strategies

·      Presentation vis-à-vis the political, administrative environment

·      Presentation vis-à-vis the community

·      Participation with Laws/Law changes

·      Cost analysis

·      Risk analysis

·      Budget definition

·      Market and supplier analysis

·      Tender procedures

·      Offer evaluation

·      Supplier evaluation / supplier selection

·      Implementation supervision

·      Claim management vis-à-vis supplier

·      Overtake of implementation

·      Audit of operation and maintenance

·      Change management

·      Development of and participation with privatizations

·      Development of and participation with PPP projects

·      Development of consortia

·      Delivery of specific products and / or solutions